About Us


Indo Swiss Sports Club (ISSC) is a registered Non Profit Organization that promotes physical fitness and a unique platform for interaction and integration through sports.


Our vision is to provide our members with a sport environment to help them develop socially, spiritually and most importantly physically. We would like to help build self-esteem in performance through regular interaction with founders, co-founders and even other sport organizations.


Our motto ‘Harmony Through Sports’ signifies both mental and physical self-improvement through regular sport. ISSC encourages its members to acquire the habit of enjoying sport and voluntarily engaging in sports in order to cultivate a foundation that harmonizes their lives.

Objectives of the ISSC

Encouraging a stress-free life with sporting enthusiasm.

  • Organizing Group Trainings

We organize group trainings, specific to the sport of choice and encourage training mentors for each group to spread confidence as a priority.

  • Encouraging Regular Social Events

We integrate groups of similar sport interests to socialize through events. We spread a general awareness through the common belief of Harmony through Sport.

  • Discussion Forums

We organize discussion forums for members of the same sport interest to come together and brainstorm for new ideas, suggestions to improve the club and motivate its members.

  • Organizing sport events

We organize several kinds of sport events and support inter-club competitions for all members.

  • Integrating Culture with Sport

Combining two different sport cultures to reflect several different sport origins is the strength of this club. The Indo-Swiss Sports club allows its members the unique opportunity to explore sports from different cultures while experiencing a combination of talent from the two in one sport. The universal principle of ‘respect for opponents, rules, team work and fair play’ is cut in stone for ISSC.