Indo Swiss Sports Club (ISSC) is a registered Non Profit Organization that promotes physical fitness and a unique platform for interaction and integration through sports.

Our vision is to provide our members with a sport environment to help them develop socially, spiritually and most importantly physically. We would like to help build self-esteem in performance through regular interaction with founders, co-founders and even other sport organizations.

Our motto ‘Harmony Through Sports’ signifies both mental and physical self-improvement through regular sport. ISSC encourages its members to acquire the habit of enjoying sport and voluntarily engaging in sports in order to cultivate a foundation that harmonizes their lives.


Plausch Tournament #1 on 27.03.2020 has been cancelled.

Indoor Games 2020 postponed


Upcoming Events 2020

29. February 2020 Indoor Games (POSTPONED)
04. July 2020 Grill Party
27. March 2020 Plauschturnier 1 (members only) CANCELLED
19. June 2020 Plauschturnier 2 (members only)
18. September 2020 Plauschturnier 3 (members only)
16. October 2020 International Badminton Tournament (Day 1)
24. October 2020 International Badminton Tournament (Day 2) & Gala Dinner
18. December 2020 Plauschturnier 4 (members only)

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