Indo Swiss Sports Club (ISSC) is a registered Non Profit Organization that promotes physical fitness and a unique platform for interaction and integration through sports.

Our vision is to provide our members with a sport environment to help them develop socially, spiritually and most importantly physically. We would like to help build self-esteem in performance through regular interaction with founders, co-founders and even other sport organizations.

Our motto ‘Harmony Through Sports’ signifies both mental and physical self-improvement through regular sport. ISSC encourages its members to acquire the habit of enjoying sport and voluntarily engaging in sports in order to cultivate a foundation that harmonizes their lives.


All Badminton sessions are stopped until further notice.

Upcoming Events 2021

9. January 2021 General Body Meeting (members only) POSTPONED
27. February 2021 Indoor Games (members only) CANCELLED
22. May 2021 General Body Meeting (members only)
3. July 2021 Grill Party
19. March 2021 Plauschturnier #1 (members only) CANCELLED
27. March 2021 Youth Sports Event
18. June 2021 Plauschturnier #2 (members only)
17. September 2021 Plauschturnier #3 (members only)
22. October 2021 International Badminton Tournament (Day 1)
30. October 2021 International Badminton Tournament (Day 2)
17. December 2021 Plauschturnier 4 (members only)


Follow instructions from Federal Office of Public Health and Swiss Badminton


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